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3 Guaranteed Ways to Increase your Website Traffic

August 16, 2012 Leave a comment

A good website has more than a great looking, easy to navigate design. In order to rank well in the SERPs, a site must contain text that browsers are searching for and inbound links. Below are 3 ways  to increase your website traffic.

1. Add Specific Title Tags: Title tags are probably the most important factors in achieving a high search engine ranking. The title tag shows up on top of your web browser. Title tags should be unique for each web page are a maximum of 70 characters long.

2. Add a Blog: Search engines love fresh new content and a blog is a great way to give it to them. Every web site should have a blog. A blog post typically consist of 250 words, a photo and a call to action. Write about subjects that your customers will find informative.

3. Build Inbound Links: It’s important to get high quality links coming into your website. You can build links into your website by subscribing to free and paid directories, posting answers and comments with your website link in forums or blogs. Submitting press releases to trade publications who in return post them to their site, and article submissions to directories like EZines and Squidoo are other ways to build inbound links. Link building is a ongoing and tedious process but well worth when your Google upgrades your page rank.

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How to Use QR Codes at Trade Shows

QR Code

scan me

Smart phones like the Apple iPhone & Android will change the way attendees collect information at trade shows.

Smart exhibitors will realize this and place QR codes on  their product ID stands and link it to the appropriate website product page. (This is especially helpful for technical equipment/machinery displayed the IMTS, Fabtech, and Pack Expo show.)  The attendee can scan the code, view the product specs on their smart phone and share the hyperlink with co-workers. You can also add QR codes to business cards so your contact information it automatically transferred onto the smart phone’s contact list.
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Advantages of Using SlideShare for Product Presentations

February 4, 2012 Leave a comment

Slideshare is a free web tool that makes it possible to share PowerPoint, PDF and other files on the internet.

#1. Why use Slideshare?
Salesmen can use them as online product presentations. No need to e-mail a large Power Point Presentation that your recipient may not be able to open. Since the files reside on the cloud, anyone with a web browser can view the files. The files are indexed by the search engines and within the SlideShare network.

#2. What should I share?
Power Points and literature are the most common types of files uploaded to SlideShare. If the viewer has a SlideShare account, they have the option to download the file unless the author restricts the download. A SlideShare subscription is required to do this.

#3. SlideShare Samples
Click on the below links to see SlideShare presentations I created.
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What do most Machine Tool Advertisements have in Common?

December 18, 2011 Leave a comment

While reading the monthly metal machining trade journals, I noticed that machine tool ads have a common trait. They’re too busy.

Many machine tool ads try to pack 10 pounds of info. into a 5 pound bag. The ads look more like brochures. By saying so much they say so little. Thanks to the Internet and our busy schedules, we all have some form of ADD and don’t have the patience to decipher an overloaded advertisement with mixed messages. These busy machine tool ads are cluttered, confusing and give the industry a bad image. A good advertisement is absorbed quickly and shouldn’t require too much thought.

Not all machine tool advertisements follow this information overload philosophy. Ads from Haas, Mori Seiki and Agie-Charmilles are well thought out. They say a lot without saying too much. These companies don’t feel to feel compelled to plug every square inch of advertising white space with text, product or social media images. Coincidentally these companies are industry leaders and in my opinion very good marketers. Agie-Charmilles ads are especially unique because they include QR codes. Other machine tool ads include QR codes but the Agie-Charmilles ad take browsers to a smart phone configured website. This will make it easy to view than taking the browser to a standard size website.

Machine tool advertisers should consider sending the reader to a video demonstration or a website landing page (via URL or QR tag) where they can read more about the product and request an online quote. Smart advertisers, will use print and ask readers to opt-into their text messaging marketing campaign. Lets see who will be the first to do this 2012.

As a Internet marketing consultant (with 20+ machine tool experience), I provide affordable marketing solutions for machine shops. If you like to find out how you can better market your machine shop services online, contact PJ Naughton at 847-532-0812, e-mail me at or visit my website at

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3 Website Makeover Tips

December 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Does your website need a makeover?

If your website is more than 5 years old, there’s a good chance it can use some if not all of the following makeover tips.

#1. Title Tags
Do you have unique title tags on every page? Page popularity and title tags are how search engines decide which websites come up in the search engine results page. The Title Tag should describe exactly what the page is about. The Title Tag should be no longer than 80 characters and should contain words and phrases that accurately describe the content of a page. If your business is local, consider adding the name of the town or neighborhood that your business is located in.

#2. Request Forms
A website should be a source for generating sales leads. Every product/service page should have an on-page request form. On-page request forms should be easy to submit and require a minimal amount information needed to contact the potential customer.

#3. Blog
Search engines love web sites that produce new content on a regular basis and a blog is the perfect solution. All websites should contain a blog. Blogs topics can include opinions, product updates and answer to common application issues. Unlike a website, a blog is indexed by search engines almost instantly. Blogs are short, no more than 250 words, contain a photo and a call to action. A blog is not the place to talk about how great your product or services are.

As a Internet marketing consultant, I provide affordable marketing solutions for machine shops. If you like to find out how you can better market your machine shop services online, contact PJ Naughton at 847-532-0812, e-mail me at or visit my website at

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Machine Shop Marketing

December 8, 2011 Leave a comment

machine shopMany U.S. machine shops do not participate in today’s web2.0 marketing trends like search engine optimization, FaceBook, YouTube, blogging, link building and e-mail marketing. Some machine shops still don’t have a web site which I think is a mortal marketing sin.

I often wonder why are they so reluctant to this Internet marketing change. I think many don’t understand it, some think it’s a waste of time and others don’t have the in-house people to manage it. After all, they are skilled machinist who spend their time on the shop floor machining precise parts on complex CNC machining equipment.

Since many metal cutting machine shops are not web2.0 marketing savvy, this gives other machine shops a distinct marketing advantages over their competition. The more often a shop shows up for Google searches like metal stamping dies, injection molds, dove tail form tools or any other related search, the better chance they have of making a new sale and expanding their business.

As a Internet marketing consultant (with 20+ machine tool experience), I provide affordable marketing solutions for machine shops. If you like to find out how you can better market your machine shop services online, contact PJ Naughton at 847-532-0812, e-mail me at or visit my website at

A Common Website Design Mistake

October 10, 2011 Leave a comment

Having no on-page forms to request a quote, or pricing is perhaps the most common website design mistake.

Your website should be your #1 source for generating sales leads. However many websites contain no on-page product forms to request a quote, or pricing.

On-page request forms should require a minimal amount information needed to contact the customer.

If you advertise in trade journals, your call to action can direct readers to your website product section to fill out an on-page request form. QR tags can also guide readers to a specific product page. If your website is not generating sales leads, then it is being under-utilize.

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