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What do most Machine Tool Advertisements have in Common?

While reading the monthly metal machining trade journals, I noticed that machine tool ads have a common trait. They’re too busy.

Many machine tool ads try to pack 10 pounds of info. into a 5 pound bag. The ads look more like brochures. By saying so much they say so little. Thanks to the Internet and our busy schedules, we all have some form of ADD and don’t have the patience to decipher an overloaded advertisement with mixed messages. These busy machine tool ads are cluttered, confusing and give the industry a bad image. A good advertisement is absorbed quickly and shouldn’t require too much thought.

Not all machine tool advertisements follow this information overload philosophy. Ads from Haas, Mori Seiki and Agie-Charmilles are well thought out. They say a lot without saying too much. These companies don’t feel to feel compelled to plug every square inch of advertising white space with text, product or social media images. Coincidentally these companies are industry leaders and in my opinion very good marketers. Agie-Charmilles ads are especially unique because they include QR codes. Other machine tool ads include QR codes but the Agie-Charmilles ad take browsers to a smart phone configured website. This will make it easy to view than taking the browser to a standard size website.

Machine tool advertisers should consider sending the reader to a video demonstration or a website landing page (via URL or QR tag) where they can read more about the product and request an online quote. Smart advertisers, will use print and ask readers to opt-into their text messaging marketing campaign. Lets see who will be the first to do this 2012.

As a Internet marketing consultant (with 20+ machine tool experience), I provide affordable marketing solutions for machine shops. If you like to find out how you can better market your machine shop services online, contact PJ Naughton at 847-532-0812, e-mail me at pj@fusiontechmarketing.com or visit my website at www.fusiontechmarketing.com.

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