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3 Website Makeover Tips

Does your website need a makeover?

If your website is more than 5 years old, there’s a good chance it can use some if not all of the following makeover tips.

#1. Title Tags
Do you have unique title tags on every page? Page popularity and title tags are how search engines decide which websites come up in the search engine results page. The Title Tag should describe exactly what the page is about. The Title Tag should be no longer than 80 characters and should contain words and phrases that accurately describe the content of a page. If your business is local, consider adding the name of the town or neighborhood that your business is located in.

#2. Request Forms
A website should be a source for generating sales leads. Every product/service page should have an on-page request form. On-page request forms should be easy to submit and require a minimal amount information needed to contact the potential customer.

#3. Blog
Search engines love web sites that produce new content on a regular basis and a blog is the perfect solution. All websites should contain a blog. Blogs topics can include opinions, product updates and answer to common application issues. Unlike a website, a blog is indexed by search engines almost instantly. Blogs are short, no more than 250 words, contain a photo and a call to action. A blog is not the place to talk about how great your product or services are.

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