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Web 2.0 Marketing Ideas

Web 2.0 Marketing Ideas

Traditional marketing is in decline, trade publications are going out of business, and direct mail is dead thanks to web 2.0 web marketing techniques. Websites, search engines social media and e-mail marketing are changing the way we promote our products. Just about eveybody uses search engines to find or research a product or service and social media is a free and new way to promote good or services. Below are eight web 2.0 techniques you can use to promote your company.

1. Create Google Adword Account
If your website does not come up in the Google organic search for a product you sell, then set up a Google Adword/Pay Per Click Account. Adwords are the advertisements that come up on the top and right hand side of a Google search. Your will only get charged when a browser clicks on your ad. Since there is no contract, your can end your Google ad campaign at any time.

2. LinkedIn About It
Let your LinkedIn connections know that you what is new by updating your LinkedIn profile and RSVPing to the show in the Events section.

3. Flickr It
Take photos of your company, products and employees, tag them, and post them to your website as well as Flickr.

4. YouTube It
Shoot video, tell the world why your products and services are the best and post them on YouTube. Add keywords so browsers can find your videos in YouTube search.

5. Tweet It
Tweet about It – send out Tweet updates about your company news. Add the # hashtag in your Tweets so Tweeters can search for keywords in your Tweets.

6. SlideShare It
Upload that cool Power Point presentation that you created for the show to SlideShare and share it with your customers, sales staff and dealers.

7. e-mail newsletter
Without a doubt e-mail newsletters are the best bang for your buck. It keeps you connected with your customers and prospects and is a great way to let your users know about your products or services. E-mail service providers (ESP) like Constant Contact, Vertical Response or SwiftPage make it easy to create your e-mail newsletters.

8. Create a Show Page
Attending that big trade show. Create a page on your website (www.companysite.com/showname) and post content about what your are exhibiting at the show, demonstrations or special promotions. Optimize the page around IMTS2010. Be sure to add the show name to your title and URL tags. Depending on your competition, the search engines may index your site on the first page of the SERP resulting in free PR. Don’t send your web visitors to the show website where they will be leaving your site and probably check out your competition.

9. Create an e-mail signature
Have your IT dept. create a e-mail signature on your company’s outbound e-mails. The signature should include your website URL, media sites and your company blog. Skip the images since some e-mail clients will not read them.

10. Run a print/digital ad.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Many trade show publications are e-mailing out a digital version of their printed issues. With the “value added” digital issue your ad can be hyperlinked back to your website where the browser can request more info or even order your product or service.

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