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Social Media – Blogging & now Texting

Websites use several forms of social media to spread its messages which has some people confused. This blog post will explain these social media tools and how to use them.

FaceBook is the most popular social media tool. Even the Vatican has a FaceBook page. A Facebook Page is used to post updates about yourself, upload photos and even videos. Anyone can view a FaceBook Fan Page which are used for businesses and organizations. If you already have a FaceBook Page, you can LIKE a Fan Page which means its post will automatically show up on your wall post but your post and private information will not show up on your wall.



LinkedIn is a is a business-oriented social networking site. Many businesses have a LinkedIn Group page. If you have a LinkedIn account, you can request join group, which if accepted, allows you to request a connection with group members.

Socializer allows you send online invitations for upcoming events. Its a steroid version of Evite.

Flickr is a photo sharing website where you can view and download photos people or organizations events without having a Flickr account

YouTube is a video sharing website where you can view videos. If you have YouTube account you can subscribe to other YouTube Channels, and be notified when new videos are published.

WordPress is a blogging site site. A blog is a journal or collection of thoughts. By subscribing to someone’s blog you’ll be notified of a new post.

PayPal is an e-commerce site that allows you to pay for items online with a PayPal account or credit card.

Companies, organizations, clubs and restaurants use  text messaging services like EZ Texting, to reach you via texting. Usually you’ll sign up via a website or or by texting in a code. In doing so you will receive text message reminders and specials from the respective business or restaurants. Texting works like e-mail but has is more effective since the text is read and is not opened like e-mail.

Twitter is a micro blog site. In order to follow someone on Twitter, you will need to sign up for a free Twitter account.

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